Raw string literal in C++

In C++11 and above there is a concept called Raw string. In strings we use different characters like \n, \t etc. They have different meaning. The \n is used to return the cursor to the next line, the \t generates a tab etc.

If we want to print these characters in the output without seeing the effect of them, we can use the raw string mode. To make a string to raw string we have to add "R" before the string.

Input: A string "Hello\tWorld\nC++"
Output: "Hello\tWorld\nC++"


Step 1: Get the string
Step 2: Use R before string to make it raw string
Step 3: End

Example Code

using namespace std;
main() {
   string my_str = "Hello\tWorld\nC++";
   string raw_string = R"Hello\tWorld\nC++";
   cout << "Normal String: " << endl;
   cout << my_str <<endl;
   cout << "RAW String: " << endl;
   cout << raw_string;


Normal String:
Hello World
RAW String: