purana_qila Tutorial

Purana Qila, Delhi

Purana Qila or Old Fort in Delhi is considered to be one of the oldest fort of India. The construction of the fort was started by Sher Shah Suri and his son Islam Shah completed it. Surveys tell that some painted grey ware were found during excavations which shows that the area was in used in 1000 BC.

This tutorial will let you know about the history of the fort along with the structures present inside. You will also get the information about the best time to visit it along with how to reach the fort.


This tutorial is designed for the people who would like to know about the history of Purana Qila or Old Fort of Delhi along with the interiors and design of the fort. This fort is visited by many people from India and abroad.


This is a brief tutorial designed only for informational purpose. There are no prerequisites as such. All that you should have is a keen interest to explore new places and experience their charm.