Program to Calculate the Perimeter of a Decagon in C program

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What is Decagon?

Given with side, the task is to calculate the perimeter of decagon. Decagon is a type of polygon with 10-sides that’s why it is also known as 10-gon polygon. It have 10 vertices and edges. A regular decagon has sides of equal length and each internal angle of degree 144.

Given below is the figure of Decagon

To calculate the volume and surface area of Frustum of cone there is a formula

Perimeter = 10 * Side


Input-: side=10
Output-: perimeter of Decagon is : 100

Input -: side = 20
Output -: perimeter of Decagon is : 200


Step 1 -> declare function for finding the perimeter
   void perimeter(int n)
      declare variable as int perimeter
      set perimeter=10*n
      print perimeter
step 2 -> In main()
   declare int n=10


#include <stdio.h>
// Function for finding the perimeter
void perimeter(int n){
   int perimeter;
   perimeter = 10 * n;
   printf("perimeter of Decagon is : %d", perimeter);
int main(){
   int n=10;
   return 0;


perimeter of Decagon is : 100
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