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I LOVE my remote job! Since 2015 I have been working cross-functionally with Product and Sales remote teams to ensure business growth for tech products.

I have worked with innovative high-impact startups and corporate market leaders. So I know well the good and not-so-good sides of both. I like the balance of best practices from startups and developed companies.

Expertise and marketing disciplines:

+ Building and managing high-performing teams through trust, work frameworks, and empowerment

+ Managing cross-functional growth initiatives with Product and Sales teams

+ User/Customer Acquisition

+ Multi-channel marketing campaign management

+ Demand generation and capturing

+ People (user) research - that is, talking to users and finding solutions to their pains

+ Performance Marketing

+ Community building as a way to grow users/revenue

+ Data processing

Since I started working in marketing there hasn't been a week without learning and applying something new at my job… which includes new wakeboarding tricks.

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