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Hello, I'm Sarah Omar

I am a certified life coach (and soon to be a certified therapist) who has been working in coaching for a few years now. My main purpose in life is to help people out. I really believe that in order to reach the fulfillment in your life, you must start with yourself and be there for people. Help them, guide them, coach them through life.

As working in life coaching, my main object and goal are to help people through life and make them the better versions of themselves. The main purpose for this account is to try to help everyone to reach the potential personality he/she wants and the life he/she dreams of.

Not only that, I try to spread the message. I have started to help people and teach them all about coaching. I started to help people to become life coaches and train them to reach that way and help other people so we can spread the change throughout the world.

Join me in this journey as a person who seeks change or as a coach. We can walk it together.

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