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Hi there, my name is Peter Hanley. I am so glad you have found me!
I love giving my students an exciting and rewarding experience as they take their first steps in a new language.
Over the last 25 years, I've helped over 50,000 language learners using Accelerated Learning techniques. Now I'd like you to experience the same results with THE METHOD

EL MÉTODO courses provide an exciting and effective approach to language learning for beginners:  A proven method dramatically reduces the time it takes to get the basics down. By the end of the 4 levels of these courses, in as little 8 weeks from now, you will have a full understanding and a practical usage of basic Spanish
This is achieved without the need for laborious memorisation or "study " associated with conventional courses, and will have you speaking, NON-STOP right from the word go.
I look forward to helping you reach your language goal.
To your progress!

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