Mustafa Mahmoud


Sr. Linux Administrator & Online Instructor

About Me

Hi, I'm Mustafa Mahmoud. I started working as a network and computer systems administrator since January 2011. I have a bachelor's degree in engineering from Alexandria University. After finishing university, I concentrated on learning the Linux system administration. I have many certifications in Linux system administration, network administration, database administration, and some programming languages 'C, C++, and Python'. I have 10+ years of experience using different Linux distributions like RHEL, CentOS, and Ubuntu. I have a desire to teach others and transfer my experience to them in an easy and simplified way.

Students Testimonials:

Ajish: The explanations were clear and to the point, will enroll in more of his courses. Thank you!

Siddharth Kumar Srivastava: I really loved the course content and the way all details have been explained by the trainer, it will certainly help me or anyone else to improve their Linux administration skills.

Mike Callahan: This is a good course, the teacher is very knowledgeable about PyCharm. I have been messing with this, asked questions he doesn't address in the course and he gets right back to me. VERY helpful, caring guy who just wants you to succeed.

Gh Atef: It has been a wonderful experience. Mustafa is an amazing instructor. The contents and length of the course are just perfect to start working freely on Ubuntu. The course covers a wide variety of topics explained clearly and simply. I would highly recommend this course.

Yoalem Koualao: This course is well suited for beginners of Red Hat and CentOS Linux but it is also very informative for seasoned Linux pros. Thank you, Mo for all the work put in for this course.

Ahmed Bahnasy: Amazing teacher, great enthusiasm, very clear explanations – My favourite course this year! Mr Mostafa is a very stimulating teacher who knows his subject very well. I appreciated his enthusiasm for the subject. The teacher was of excellent quality.

Raymond Jansen Van Vuuren: Informative for now, the tutor is at a good pace as well as clear in what he explains. knowledgeable.

Usama Ali: Awesome contents teaching methodology.

Ahmed Salah: I want to say "thank you" for teaching this course as I discovered that you are an excellent teacher. I found this course very rewarding and practical. Your lecture notes were extremely helpful. I appreciate your examples, which helped to clarify many of the concepts. I look forward to studying under you again.

Klaus-Dieter Scharf: Ich fand es besonders hilfreich, dass der Autor langsam englisch spricht und außerdem der Text geschrieben erscheint. So ist es sehr verständlich und so wünsche ich es mir für andere Kurse. Translation: I found it particularly helpful that the author slowly speaks English and that the text appears to be written. So it is very understandable and so I wish for other courses.