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Hello, My Name is Manoj. I have been working in IT industry since last 15 years. I am currently working as a freelancer. I have working in various company in various project. I have knowledge about the computer hardware, software, networking, IT Coordinator, MIS and centralized support also know about back end for data storage. In my working life working with Team Lenovo as a Hardware Technician, Project COA under Indian Railway as a Network support of team HP, Working with Reliance Infrastructure Limited as a System Administrator , and also working with Skill Development Project IT Coordinator in West Bengal Govt Project “UTKARSH BANGLA”.

In my previous experience, My job role involved Planning, implement , installation , maintain ace, testing, troubleshooting, debugging, implementation and maintenance , remote support , Daily Report, Weekly Report and MIS of several hardware device software applications and networking devices. Also meeting arrange in Video conference system. .My previous job role also included Interaction with the management team, and associates to facilitate smooth communication to understand and analyze the project.

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