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Manish is an accomplished Architect, 3D Artist, Author, and Architectural Consultant based in Berlin. With a successful track record on Udemy since 2019, he is the founder of Sketchup Guru, a leading platform offering comprehensive practical courses dedicated to 3D modeling and rendering in Sketchup, specializing in Architecture and Interior Design.

Having graduated from the prestigious School of Planning & Architecture, Vijayawada, Manish honed his skills by working alongside renowned architects across Southeast Asia for over 5+ years. Throughout his journey, he has assumed various roles, including Architect, 3D Artist, Interior Designer, and more recently, a BIM Consultant for a large multinational corporation. Accumulating a wealth of experience, he is now devoted to sharing his extensive knowledge with aspiring learners like you.

As an instructor, Manish strives to create meticulously crafted, step-by-step courses that delve not only into the software utilized by Architects but also into the underlying thought processes and guidelines that govern the design approach. His objective is to provide the kind of educational material that he wished he had when he was starting his own journey.

Passionate about teaching, Manish aims to nurture the innate "designer" within each student.

Join him on one of his courses and unlock your creative potential.

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