Jehoyakim Jena


If you want to become successful in life, start doing what successful people do. Don't sit there and wait for things to happen. Get out there and start doing. Your Results will show if you play for the long-term.

Welcome to my profile.

My name is Jehoyakim Jena. I'm an Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Course Creator, Digital Marketer, YouTuber & Podcaster. I love to help people build up their lives up from the ground up and help them become successful. You can start today, and change your life forever. All you need to do is learn, implement and start creating results in your life.

I share content and products (courses and coaching) on Business, Marketing, Social Media, Sales, Personal Development, Personal Finance, Dating, Travel & Lifestyle. You want to change your life? Start by learning things that can produce value in you and in the world. If you can learn to create value you can learn to make money, get rich, invest, grow an audience, build a following, monetize audiences, do marketing & selling or even turn your passion into revenue.

I have one question for you: "What do you want 1-year from today to look like: Financially, Physically, Situationally?" - That's your 1-Year Goal.
I have a second question: "What does your Year 3 & Year 5 Look Like In Your Mind?" & "Where will you be in life in 10 Years?"
Answering these questions based on your current situation in life will help you plan, think and take actions to move your life forward.

Enroll in my courses if you see value in them and start changing your life today. You can thank me later when you have the results you want in your life.

To Your Success,
Jehoyakim Jena.