Jeff Minakata


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Over 23 years of IT experience

Designed, programmed and published games on: Android, Chrome, PC, Windows phone, Windows OS, OSX, and Linux

I've been through the CEH 8, 9, 11, 12 courses, digital forensics and more.

C|OSINT Certified, CWA, Certified Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE), CISP, Metasploit certified, SOC Level 1 among other engineering, network security, and other certifications.

Published Security articles on Cybrary , Hackin9, and eForensics Magazine and published contracted courses for EC Council Code Red.

 After years of experience in the IT industry and a long time gamer we got together and said, "Hey why don't we start making our own mobile and PC games?" and thus Disposable Games Studio was born back in 2010. We set out on a mission to build games and apps for gamers, IT professionals, and every day people. Apps and games that we ourselves would use. As things progressed we decided to share our knowledge and started teaching Game development, OSINT, network security, and ethical hacking. We have also given talks and training on OSINT and ethical hacking. We are passionate about training and security.


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