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Improve IQ and EQ the BEE-Smart way for Lifelong Learning

Artificial Intelligence versus the Human Brain

The basic principle of Artificial Intelligence is that it has access to information on the World Wide Web to come up with answers to all the questions that are asked by humans e.g., through Chat GPT. Our human brains obviously do not have access to all this information as the Chat GPT search engines and we may feel inferior to AI and maybe afraid. Afraid that I will lose my work and AI maybe take over the World, what about my children’s future! These are real questions with real consequences if you do not react and do something about it.

You as an individual do not need all the information available on google to survive or be successful in life. However, you must be the master of your personal circumstances wherever you find yourself in the world. You must make sure that you load your brain with enough and more information necessary to excel in in your studies or work environment, be the best! With a brain loaded with information regarding your specific environment, you will be able to withdraw answers and solutions in the same way as Chat GPT from the world wide web, even better, because Chat GP do not know your specific problem that need a specific solution.

You therefore need specific knowledge for your specific circumstances. If you want to be the best within your environment, you must be a lifelong learner. All new information must be handled in the same way as a new-born baby, learning from scratch. New concepts must be built with the following building blocks from to know nothing, to know, gain knowledge, become knowledgeable, and then to become BEE-Smart.

These building block phases are based on the brain physiology of engram formation. If these building block phases are not followed, no engrams forms and then no information is stored! Your brain and AI function both on a network of physical connections and electro-impulses. An engram forms when new information is received from one of your senses (hear, see, feel, taste or smell), and register in a neuron that is in the specific e.g., visual brain area. No storage has happened yet. Only when this new image is associated with another neuron with similar information a physical connection is created. This newly registered or exited neuron grows a presynaptic terminal from its axon to connect with the dendrite of the associated neuron. This associated neuron is already interlinked with other neurons, previously in a similar way. This pocket of interconnected neurons is all activated, and you become aware of the information in all the neurons and therefore this new image make sense to you.

This pocket of interconnected neurons is an engram.  There are thousands of engrams that form the basis of our storage ability. An engram can be interconnected with all five sensory regions and different engrams can also be interconnected with each other. This said, how do we keep sane with all these interconnections? Where the axon-terminal grow and reach the dendrite-wall of the associated neuron, it connects with a synapse, that functions as an on-off switch. It is always off except when the neuron receives an impulse and is activated, the axon excretes neurotransmitter fluid into the synaptic cavity into the dendrite wall, that excites the neuron and awareness run through the whole engram. This obviously happens in milliseconds.

However, there are flaws regarding the storage ability of our brain and AI. This has nothing to do with capacity, but rather the input of information. AI is dependent on what is available on the world wide web, true or false information (an algorithm is just a program written by someone) and unpublished books and unpublished inventions, etc. The brain is dependent on engrams to recall information through the thinking process to solve problems, but most of the brain’s information are not stored in engrams and is therefore useless information. The way we create useless information is to memorize information that never connects with engrams and is therefore not available during the thinking process. It is only available through direct external sensory stimulation, that is therefore useless information to excel in life.

This course is specifically designed to make you BEE-Smart.

Part one – Building blocks for engram formation.

Part two – Physiology behind engram formation.

Part three – Become BEE- Smart when you know how to form engrams.

Part four – Application – examples on how to form an engram with a new word or concept.

Part five – Assessment – self-assessment.

Part six – Conclusion

All the above are directly related to your communication ability. The more engrams you have with usable information the better communicator you will be. AI is an impressive communicator with all the usable information available on the world wide web that is built into an algorithm. We as humans are solely dependent on our engrams to be able to communicate. Engrams and IQ are directly related. Engrams are more than just verbal communication, because writing an exam is also communication as well as solving problems during the thinking process. All these phases are interdependent on your number of engrams. Courses on communication skills are disputable if you do not have a strong basis of usable words to extract from. Start now to broaden your base of information in your specific field of study, work environment, social circle, etc., to counter AI and improve yourself in all walks of life!

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