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Teaching and sharing knowledge as well as making life easier through automation of processes is her passion. She loves working with data and have used VBA, SQL, Python and Microsoft power BI extensively. Throughout her life I have  numerous applications using SQL and VBA. She has worked at numerous financial institutions as a fund manager, researcher and data scientist.  She started her career as a lecturer in statistics at a university in South Africa. She loves life and are passionate about everything she does. Her motto is to maximize life and go with the flow.

QUALIFICATIONS: PHD (Thesis: The statistical Modelling of Growth)

Recipient of two Governor’s Awards (2011, 2015) at South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and four Head of Department team awards.

Executive Development Senior Management Development program at University Stellenbosch,

Data science, Database (SQL) specialist and VBA expert.

Her business knowledge covers:

• Data science using python or r studio

• Database management, SQL;

• Business Intelligence, Power BI, Qlikview

• Risk Management (Market, Credit & Operational);

• Investment Management, institutional and retail as well as Performance and Attribution.

• Coaching;

• Change Management

• Programming, VBA, C#, C++,Fortran, MATLAB, R, VB.net; Python

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