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YouTube Consultant and Creator

After working in the TV and film industry for years creatively as production crew, researcher and editor Daniel moved in to online video creation. 2 years ago, in an exploration of YouTube he travelled to Asia to film travel videos to return, upload, grow a channel, break that channel, take it down, change thumbnails, titles, tags and really discover through trial and error and AB testing what makes a YouTube channel grow and what make a video go viral. 

Daniel then went on to consult growing YouTube channels for various companies and advising individuals. Now, his course YouTube Academy is a collection of all his tried and tested methods. Learn from the guy who's tested every variable, grown, succeeded and made all the mistakes so you don't have to.

Be wary of those course who have tutors who have only grown a channel making content about growing YouTube... I currently still grow a vlog channel every week. What works growing a vlog or anther channel type is very different to what grows a YouTube tutorial channel... learn from those who have actually done what you want to do.

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