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LLG aka Lakhan Lal Gupta is the Founder of Codelopment.

Er. Lakhan Lal Gupta aka LLG is a talented software engineer at Tata Consultancy Services and a certified Data Scientist from Vkonex AI Research (IIT Bombay). He is a former software engineer at Credit Suisse with expertise in Full Stack Python development using Django and databases and is a 5-Star coder on HackerRank. 

Er. Lakhan Lal Gupta is the founder of Codelopment, a popular YouTube channel for computer science students. 

Codelopment provides a vast range of courses, tutorials, and resources covering coding, programming, web and app development, machine learning, data science, and more. We at Codelopment offer placement preparation, interview training, and community support through our Coding Community.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Codelopment has courses for everyone, including kids.

As a motivational speaker, he shares his knowledge and experience through educational content and his podcast, "The Codelopment Presents Podcast," available on various audio platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Gaana. With a BTech in Computer Science and Engineering (2021), LLG is committed to constantly learning and growing in his field.

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