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Clarian is the instructor with recognized industry certification and the resume to back it. His students have gone on and continue working and contributing to some of the biggest and most reputable companies in the world like Universal, Google, Amazon, Warner, The BBC, Spotify, Landr, Splice among others…

Clarian is the CEO of Orbital LLC, a consultations and tech development interacting worldwide including leading Silicon Valley companies as well as top 40 blockchain protocols amongst Solana and NEAR.

Senior project engineer with over 90K enrollments on coding courses and training modules worldwide - enrollments from Google and Amazon developers and contractors. International work experience from New York to Berlin, Clarian (alias of Maurice K) has contributed to a number of viral streams and grown a unique digital imprint in over 80 countries world wide. Clarian has been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Guardian, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Clash, Broadway, New York & Vulture, Vice among many others as an innovator and trailblazer in both audio engineering and tech.

Having taken a signature approach to production design which has launched and contributed to multiple independent and major outfits and projects, Clarian has worked and contributed for world leading brands from Universal to Emirates, ambisonic cutting edge VR interoperability for Guy Laliberte's PY1 and his own EPs have been featured on namestay labels such as Kompakt, based In Germany.

Clarian has worked as a head engineer (mixing and mastering) and co-producer (writing and arranging) for majors, indies, and international publishing houses including working with Grammy nominated and Award Winning Productions. A few contributions of note include mixing for the likes of Emirates Airline Inflight Radio, cutting edge production performances such as the VR PY1 for Circle De Soleil’s Guy Laliberte, as well as producing, mixing and mastering for Germany’s infamous cutting edge Kompakt Records and so on. His own studio and sound architecture designs have been extensively featured and acclaimed by world leading audio journals such as Future Music and Mixmag as well as his own independent following of audio productions streaming organically in the tens of millions. Now on hiatus from performing and contracting at some of the biggest festivals in the world for over a decade, Clarian has compiled everything he’s learned about Audio Production, to teach producers the skills they need and get them on that path to amazing career opportunities and breaking those barriers to truly level up and start finishing their projects and productions they were stuck on.     

Being self taught in many respects of the trade, Clarian gained success with zero budget to begin with, and spent years on his own interning and moonlighting at professional spaces, going through the grind of frustrations struggling to obtain the quality of production eventually gaining international notoriety for projects made on with nothing but a computer and headphones distributed to hundreds of thousands of listeners.

Having obtained invaluable lessons from working with top Tech and Entertainment companies, renowned artists and festivals from Europe to Asia, and his own projects such as Ambient Field Recording Expeditions throughout Africa to Synth Pop projects featured from Rolling Stones Magazine to the Guardian, Clarian has been investing his time and energy to sharing his skill set and teaching others so that they can see their true potential on their journey to discovering the endless possibilities of modern Sound Production at our very fingertips in the comfort of their homes. 

Clarian is dedicated to giving you the most accessible and comprehensive courses out there in tech, regardless your skill level or finance situation, and teach complex subject matter with clear and example based explanations. His philosophy is that it’s not the tools that take you to the top, but by learning why and how to use these tools from the ground up all while connecting the dots along the way, is the true way to mastering a craft. The potential of how much you can learn and accomplish is unlimited and much more exchangeable by learning with this approach.

Clarian’s lessons will guide you through complex subjects and techniques with just your computer and free software, and provide clear and simple breakdowns to elevate your skill set and ability to finish projects with the best technology and techniques out there.

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