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Chuck McCullough


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Learn C# Programming - An Introduction to .Net Core

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  Chuck McCullough


Professional Software Engineer

Chuck is a professional software developer with over 30 years of experience.  He began his career developing C applications for a large client in the financial industry.

In 1989, Chuck joined IBM developing and testing APIs for a large project.  Most of this work was in C++.

In 1992, Chuck started McCullough & Associates, a professional services and training organization. Since then, M&A has provided development and training services to companies, governments, and universities around the world.

As a software architect, Chuck is proficient in Java, C#, C++ and many other languages and platforms.  He is a strong practitioner of best practices, such as test-driven, iterative, pattern rich object-oriented application development.

Chuck has trained thousands of developers all over the world.

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