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I am delighted to introduce myself as your instructor. Originating from Greece, I bring with me a rich educational background with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting, bolstered by a Professional Certification in Applied Accounting and Auditing from IESOEL, the esteemed Greek CPA organization. Additionally, I am a proud candidate of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

I am an industry veteran, having worked in diverse roles and organizations throughout my career, gaining an invaluable understanding of the financial sector. More than just an instructor, I am a dedicated mentor who nurtures aspirants interested in trading, driven by my passion to impart my knowledge and insights.

As your mentor, my mission is to deliver a robust understanding of the currency markets, deciphering the variables that influence currency values, and mastering the strategies employed by traders to leverage market fluctuations. Regardless of your experience level, whether a novice or a seasoned trader, I am committed to guide you through every phase of your learning journey.

Yet, my teaching scope extends beyond finance. I have a profound passion for decision-making hygiene, holding a firm belief in the power of rational and data-driven decision-making. My courses infuse insights from philosophy, psychology, and process improvement, creating a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience.

I firmly believe in the mantra "Keep Learning," advocating a growth mindset as a pivotal tool for life's improvement and deep satisfaction. My intention is to help you cultivate this mindset, fostering self-improvement and paving the way to become not just successful traders or Finance Professionals but well-rounded individuals.

Thank you for choosing my course. I am thrilled to embark on this enlightening journey together and eagerly anticipate our collaborative growth and success.

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