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Freelancer in the field of information technology

Axel Mammitzsch has been looking after computer users in IT support for over 15 years. Explaining complicated things in simple terms is part of his daily practice.

In his books and video courses, he does not explain dry theory by experts for experts but explains everything in a practice-oriented manner for beginners and beginners in an understandable and comprehensible manner.

This kind of knowledge transfer leads to quick successes and "aha" experiences for his course participants. In addition, the fun factor in imparting knowledge is very high in his books and video courses.

In his video courses, he would like to pass on his knowledge, know-how, tips, and tricks from many years of practical experience in various areas in a compact manner. He has often seen how participants can switch from frustrated to happy and enthusiastic in seconds with the right answers to open questions.

This knowledge is now available to everyone in their works.

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