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Freelance Corporate Trainer and Consultant | CTO at Unboxing Art | Academic Expert & Teaching Assistant at UpGrad | Mentored 50,000+ students in Web Dev and other Programming frameworks in 1000+ LIVE Sessions

It took me a little over 3 months to build my first Snakes and Ladders game in C++. This happened in class 12th. I think I can hack it together over a weekend now. Programming, you see, is my superpower. I start from a blank file and literally create anything I can dream of. It's like magic. I just need to type the spells using my keyboard instead of saying them out loud while waving a wand. Crazy as it sounds, it just clicks.

I was introduced to programming in a very fascinating way, and I will never forget that day. (PS : You can drop me a message on LinkedIn - (https://www.linkedin.com/in/codewithaquib/) to listen to the full story!) Since then, I've always wanted to become a Software Engineer. I enrolled for the 5 years integrated course and eventually completed my M.Tech in Software Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT University), Vellore in 2019 with a 9-point CGPA.

Being a technopreneur myself, I love to work with startups where I can be actively involved in the product development process. I currently Mentor students in Web Development and other Programming Frameworks and tools with UpGrad and MyCaptain. I also take up freelance Web/App Development projects.

In addition to programming, I have a knack for teaching. It started with explaining concepts to a few friends after class, then led to conducting seminars for the entire class and it just took off from there. I have mentored over 50,000 students in various Programming Languages and Web Development frameworks so far with several startups including UpGrad, Hero Vired and MyCaptain. I have also taken several on-ground bootcamps in universities like IIT Jammu and SCSVMV University, Kanchipuram.

An entrepreneur by passion, you can find me reading a crime thriller, writing philosophical poems about life or catching up on some brilliant cinema when I am not working!

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