Anton Cucer


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IT project management, business and sales, time management

I am a managing partner of an IT company with a history of about 15 years, and I've been working there for 8 years already. During this time, we have completed hundreds of projects. And now most of the projects in our web studio are clients from Europe. We make not just websites; we make complex web services that customers use to run their own businesses online. These are fitness contests, online auctions, social networks, marketplaces, company catalogs, warehouse management systems, and so on.

Moreover, we have a department that develops enterprise resource planning and accounting systems. 

I am 37, and I’m not positioning myself as an IT specialist but as a manager because I’ve been in sales for almost 15 years, and I have around 10 years of company management experience. Now I’ve been working for about 8 years in IT, but still do sales from time to time and manage the company most of my work time. Anyway, I have enough knowledge of IT to manage a company and some of its crucial projects.

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