Anshul Chauhan


DevOps Professional

Engineering Cloud Professional having about 8+ years in different areas like as Cloud Development, Deployment Automation, System Integration/Deployment, Operations, DevOps Cloud Deployment Automation Engineer, SDET in Software Testing of Web Application, Enterprise Application.

• Extensively proficient in Applications Deployment on different Linux Environment, Design Cloud Automation Solutions, Google Cloud Architecture, Continuous Integration, GIT, Jenkins, Build Automation Test Flow.

• Expertise in Docker Containers, Docker Swarm Application Design, Ansible, Kubernates & Nagios. Extensive knowledge of Python Scripting and bash Scripting.

• Extensively proficient in Open Source Framework Designing, Automation Scriptwriting, Regression testing & Automation Testing on web-based & Mobile applications.

• Extensively proficient in TDD, BDD, Hybrid UI Framework Designing, Rest-Assured Backend framework Designing.

• Proficient in Core Java, Python, Shell Scripting, Kubernetes, Docker, Selenium-WebDriver, Rest-Assured, GIT, Jenkins, Build Tools, TestNG, SQL, Oracle 10g DB, PostgreSQL.

• Excellent knowledge and working experience with Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration, Test Scripting, Testcase preparation, Test execution and Defect Reporting.

Strength Areas:

‎‏‎‏⁞ ‎‏Cloud Application Automation ‎‏⁞ ‎‏Deployment Automation ‎‏⁞ ‎‏Build Automation ⁞ ‎‏Test Automation ‎‏⁞ Framework Designing ‎‏⁞ SDET ‎‏⁞ Continuous Deployment ‎‏‏⁞ Continuous Integration

‎‏⁞ Open Source Tools Designing ‎‏⁞ Team Followup, Mentoring, and Empowerment

Knowledge Areas:

‎⁞ Deployment Automation ⁞ Google Cloud ⁞ Configuration Management and Automation ⁞ Google Cloud ⁞ Configuration Management ⁞ Selenium Web driver ‎‏⁞ API Automation, Unix, REST Assured ‎‏⁞ CI-CD ‎‏⁞ Docker ‎‏⁞ Framework Designing ‎‏⁞ TestNG ‏⁞ Jenkins ‎‏⁞

Interest Areas:

‎‏⁞ Cloud Automation ‎‏⁞ Cloud Application Management & Depoyment ⁞ Test Automation Frameworks ‎‏⁞ Reporting Frameworks ‎‏⁞ Open Source Toolset