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Network & Cybersecurity Specialist

I’ve been a telecommunications enthusiast in every form since I was a kid. I started as self-taught, which allowed me to develop a large part of my cultural background. Although I am trained as a mechanic, another subject of interest to me, I have always worked on data acquisition of any kind, automation, telecommunications and software development. My personal baggage has allowed me to make working experiences that have further increased it over the almost twenty years in which I have worked for large companies in the automotive and railway sector in Piedmont.

But since more than a decade I have come across a new topic of interest that continues to grow and make people talk about it: cybersecurity.

Obviously as a good self-taught I studied it according to my tested methods (and my possibilities) but I did not limit myself to the purely technical field, because I thought it was just the tip of an iceberg. I studied it day by day from foreign sources observing the speculative political and financial interests that revolved around the advance of computerization and the effects it had in certain contexts. Over time, I have seen a distressing picture taking form. In recent years, when arguments about privacy erosion and mass surveillance started to emerge even where I live, I noticed a lot of interest but also a lot of confusion about how to react in a practical way. Among friendly consultations and chats, many have suggested me to start teaching courses for those who want to become aware of the topic and be able to defend themselves without having to become experts. So this course was born.

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