CS Empire


Total Courses - 2


Learn SQL from Scratch in Arabic - for Beginners

13 Lectures 2.5 hours

  CS Empire,   Ahmed Hatem



Learn C from scratch in Arabic - for beginners

22 Lectures 13.5 hours

  CS Empire,   Ahmed Hatem


CS Empire provides software solutions & training with high quality and affordable cost.

Here, you will find courses for programming languages and concepts in Arabic, with high quality and rich content.


About me:

I'm Ahmed Hatem,

A computer science senior undergraduate,

A trainee at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT),

A technical core-team member at Google developers student club (GDSC-HU),

A trainee at the National technology institute (NTI),

And a former trainer at Helwan ICPC community.

Experience with HTML, CSS, C, C++, java, dart, PHP, C#, ASP.NET, data structures, and algorithms.

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