Printing Heart Pattern in C

In this program we will see how to print heart shaped pattern in C. The heart shape pattern will be look like this

Now if we analyze this pattern, we can find different section in this pattern. The base of the heart is an inverted triangle; the upper portion has two different peaks. Between these two peaks there is a gap. To make this pattern we have to manage these parts into our code to print the pattern like this.


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int main() {
   int a, b, line = 12;
   for (a = line/2; a <= line; a = a+2) { //for the upper part of the heart
      for (b = 1; b < line-a; b = b+2) //create space before the first peak
         printf(" ");
      for (b = 1; b <= a; b++) //print the first peak
      for (b = 1; b <= line-a; b++) //create space before the first peak
         printf(" ");
      for (b = 1; b <= a-1; b++) //print the second peak
");    }    for (a = line; a >= 0; a--) { //the base of the heart is inverted triangle       for (b = a; b < line; b++) //generate space before triangle          printf(" ");       for (b = 1; b <= ((a * 2) - 1); b++) //print the triangle          printf("*");       printf("
");    } }


Updated on: 30-Jul-2019

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