Portable applications in Cloud and their barriers in C++

Cloud Computing − cloud computing or internet-based computing is storing and accessing of data on virtual servers that are hosted over internet on cloud servers instead of local server.

Cloud computing provides the user with an option to use the data on the go. This increases the portability of work i.e. the data and processing of cloud computing can be used anywhere by the user. This is not device and location specific.

This feature of cloud computing is important for corporates as they can use cloud services to run projects from virtual locations. The services like IAAS, PAAS, SAAS are used to provide a flawless working environment.

But there are some major barriers to these portable applications of the cloud −

  • Data access and services to manage data and make it available is challenging

  • Portable applications supplied from cloud need new and standardized APIs that can be used by the vendors and providers for their products to make then interoperable and the user can switch clouds and still access the application using the common API used.

  • Cloud systems are distributed over the network and maintaining database is not that easy. And the portability of databases is difficult when it is in a structured form as a lot of constant are applied. So, clouds are moving on non-structured storage options.

  • Schemas of databases is also something that needs focus. The uncertainty of the rights of users to access and manage data storage over the cloud is also something that needs advancements.

Updated on: 17-Apr-2020


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