PMI Certifications to Level Up your Project Management Career

By 2030, approximately 25 million project managers will be reportedly required to manage the job market globally. If you’re a student and plan to pursue a Project Management course, you’re on the right track, as the demand will be increased in the coming days. Today’s post will discuss the benefits of project management course study and highlight top courses to level up your career in Project Management.

What is PMI Certification?

Professional Management colleges and universities accredit PMI. The course is designed for entry-level students to seasoned managers who can go for higher study to explore the core of management. Project Management Institute offers courses based on niche, skills, and student eligibility for further study. The PMI Certifications, thus, are a demanded niche that can provide you with a better career, a good package, and other benefits.

Benefits of PMI Certifications

The PMI is widely recognized and popular among students who want to prepare for their careers in managerial posts. A highly responsible post has many benefits that, include -

  • The course is globally accepted

  • Better salary than non-certified project manager professionals

  • The certificate provides you with core knowledge about the industry

  • Both theory and practical knowledge can be obtained during the course

  • Your CV will be more powerful

  • You'll have a better professional network

  • You'll get better job opportunities than non-certified managers

Once you enroll for the PMP course from any PMI, you can get into the industry-oriented study, which will help you to understand how the industry functions and how to control and manage the enormous labor force.

The PMI, in other words, serves value in your career. How? Let’s check.

The Value-Added PMI Certifications for your Career

PMI certification is a skill-based course. You need to gain the knowledge that helps learn how to deal with industry challenges. A globally recognized certification can add experience, empowerment, skill, and deep knowledge. It's a life-turning decision if you plan to invest and scale up your career. The course will add the following values -

  • Competitive advantage

  • Global employment opportunities

  • Professional credibility

  • Emphasize on commitment

  • Relevance with other Industries

In the job world, you need to represent your skills and knowledge to establish your credibility and professional commitments.

The Top 5 PMI Certifications Course to Level Up your Project Management Career

As PMI certifications get popular among students, the diversifications in the course also help the students choose the certificate based on their preferences. Here we present you the top 5 PMI Certifications programs for your career.

Project Management Professionals (PMP)

PMP is widely popular and well-recognized in management study among all Certification programs. The program lets you go through several situations to examine your capabilities to handle the workforce, make a decision, and build a trusted team to work together. For example, the course designed 180 scored questions for the exam to test the planning and managing project's scope and involving stakeholders.

Suitable for - Experienced professionals who are into project management and want to scale up their careers.

Required Qualifications - The course eligibility needed 36 months of experience managing leading projects, including a bachelor's degree or 60 months of high school diploma or associate degree. Further, you'll be asked to finish 35 hours of Project management training (Optional and depends on your exam performance).

Fees - $555 for non-PMI members, $405 for PMI members

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

The CAPM course teaches you how to deal with challenges in any of the stages of your career. It'll strengthen your resume as you learn to handle more projects and responsibilities based on your skills and professional experience. For example, if you want to prepare a strong and stand-out CV, you can opt for CAPM.

Suitable for - Who just entered into the project management world and have enhanced career prospects.

Required Qualifications - There's no required previous professional experience. You can apply if you have a high school diploma, academic degree, Or an equivalent. In addition, you must carry out 23 hours of project management education before enrolling for the course.

Fees - $300 for non-PMI members, $225 for PMI members

Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)

Business Analysis will teach you how to manage and control business objectives. The exam contains 200 scored questions. The course will teach you the assessment, planning, monitoring, and other criteria relevant to the analysis.

Suitable for - Working professionals who want to enhance specialization in business analysis.

Required Qualifications - You must have 60 months of working experience and 35 contact hours of business analysis coursework, and your high school diploma or equivalent degree. The bachelor's degree holder must show 36 months of professional experience and 35 contact hours of coursework.

Fees - $555 for non-PMI members, $405 for PMI members

Program Management Professional (PgMP)

The PgMP course is designed to cater to performing complex tasks in several organizations, various geographic locations, and cultures. The degree is globally demanding for its relevance. However, if you obtain the degree, you must pass a panel review and be eligible for the certification. It consists of 170 scored questions covering task development relationships with stakeholders and assessing new and current project risks.

Suitable for - Experienced Program Managers who already have managed complex projects.

Required Qualifications - It's an advanced certification that boosts professionals with good years of experience. If you complete your bachelor's degree, you need 48 months of experience managing a project and 48 months of program management handling experience in the last 15 years.

Fees - $1000 for non-PMI members, $800 for PMI members

PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)

PMI-RMP is designed to test advanced professionals' skills in complex risk management. Professionals ready to assess and reduce the risk for vast and complex projects are a better fit for this course. It consists of 115 scored questions and covers areas like analyzing risk process performance and educating stakeholders to understand the risk principles and processes.

Suitable for - Aspirants who already have several years of experience in managing risks.

Required Qualifications - Holders need 36 months of experience managing and controlling project risk. A high school diploma or equivalent degree. Furthermore, 40 hours of project risk management qualification is also required.

Fees - $670 for non-PMI members, $520 for PMI members

How to Get the Certifications?

To obtain the certifications, you need to go through several processes. First, if you qualify for the test, the institute will ask you to deposit the fees, and you can attend the classes. However, a few institutes have different methods for the enrollment process.

The process to obtain the course is as follows -

  • Apply for the program

  • Submit the required documents

  • University will verify your eligibility to enroll in the course

  • If you pass the eligibility, you will be asked to appear on the test

  • If you qualify for the test, the institute will ask you to deposit the course fees and get the admission details


Project management is a prestigious field that professionals enter to test their skills, gain knowledge, and lay secure professional growth. Increasing the global demand to manage the massive labor force, qualified and experienced project managers' requirements are also rising. The PMI Certifications enhance your career prospects in project management and land better job opportunities with healthy salaries and good perks.