Which of the following mechanisms is not used by human beings for excretion of waste materials from their bodies?
(a) Exhalation
(b) Perspiration
(c) Defecation
(d) Transfusion

Correct Answer(d) Transfusion


Exhalation is the action of breathing out or exhaling carbon dioxide, which is taken off from the blood.

During perspiration, sweat is produced in the form of the excretion of waste products from the body. The functions of sweat glands are to maintain the water level in the body, to control body temperature, and to excrete waste products from the body.

The undigested food is then passed out through the opening anus as feces in the process known as egestion. The removal of feces is known as defecated.

Transfusion is the process of supplying blood to the required body/patient, post-illness or injury to maintain the required level of blood components for a healthy body.


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Updated on: 12-Jan-2023


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