Explain the life cycle of Silk Moth.

The life cycle of moth can be explained in following stages-
• The female silk moth lays eggs. The larvae also known as caterpillar or silkworm hatches out from the egg and grows in size.
• As soon as the caterpillar gets ready to develop into pupa, it first weaves a net to hold itself and swings its head from side to side in the form of the figure of eight (8).
• During these movements the caterpillar secretes fibre made of a protein that hardens on exposure to air and becomes silk fibre.
• The caterpillar soon covers itself completely by a covering of silk fibres known as cocoon.
• The further development of the moth continues inside the cocoon.
• Silk fibres are used for weaving silk cloth.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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