(a) What are radioactive isotopes? Give two examples of radioactive isotopes.(b) Give any two uses of radioactive isotopes.

(a) The isotopes that are unstable due to the presence of extra neutrons in their nuclei and emit various types of radiation are called radioactive isotopes. The radiations emitted are in the form of alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays.
Examples of radioactive isotopes: Arsenic−74, Iodine−131 and Cobalt−60.

(b) Uses of isotopes−
  1. Cobalt−60 is used in the treatment of cancer cells. When the high−energy gamma radiations emitted by cobalt−60 isotopes are directed at the cancerous tumors, the cells are burnt.
  2. Iodine−131  is used as a tracer to determine the rate at which the thyroid gland takes up iodine.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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