A 0.24 g sample of a compound of oxygen and boron was found by analysis to contain 0.096 g of boron and 0.144 g of oxygen. Calculate the percentage composition of the compound by weight.

Boron and oxygen compound —> Boron + Oxygen

0.24 g —> 0.096 g + 0.144 g

Percentage composition, of the compound

For boron:

0.24 g of - 0.096
100g - (100 x 0.096)/0.24
   = 40%

For oxygen:

0.24 g - 0.144 g of oxygen
100 - (100 x 0.144)/0.24 
   = 60%

[Extra information: The atoms in a compound possess strong chemical bonds and hence cannot be separated easily. They are represented by their chemical formula.

Example: NaCl is a salt.

A compound is a substance made up of two or more elements.  In a compound, two or more elements are chemically bonded together.

For example, water (H2O) is a compound made from hydrogen elements (H2) and oxygen atoms.

The percentage composition of any element in a compound is the mass percentage of the element present in that compound. It is calculated as 

$Percentage \ composition = \frac {Total \ mass \ of \ an \ element \ per \ mole\ of \ the \ compound}{Molar \ mass \ of \ the \ compound} X 100$]


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Updated on: 14-Mar-2023


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