NumPy - right_shift

The numpy.right_shift() function shift the bits in the binary representation of an array element to the right by specified positions, and an equal number of 0s are appended from the left.

import numpy as np 

print 'Right shift 40 by two positions:' 
print np.right_shift(40,2) 
print '\n'  

print 'Binary representation of 40:' 
print np.binary_repr(40, width = 8) 
print '\n'  

print 'Binary representation of 10' 
print np.binary_repr(10, width = 8)  
# Two bits in '00001010' are shifted to right and two 0s appended from left.

Its output would be as follows −

Right shift 40 by two positions:

Binary representation of 40:

Binary representation of 10
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