Newman Optional Parameters & Configurations using Postman

There are multiple options parameters and configurations that can be used in a Collection via Newman. The command to obtain a list of options is − newman run –h. Options in Newman can be of types – Utility, Basic setup, Request options and Misc.


  • -h, --help – to display usage details.

  • -v, --version - to display version number.

Basic Setup

  • --folder [name of folder] – To point to a particular folder in Collection for execution.

  • -e, --environment [name of file| URL] - To point to an Environment in the form of a JSON file.

  • -d, --iteration-data [file] – To mention a data file to utilize either csv or json.

  • -n, --iteration-count [number] – To mention the count of iterations to execute.

Request Options

  • --delay-request [number] – To set delay in milliseconds between requests.

  • --timeout-request [number] – To set request timeout in milliseconds for a request.

Other Misc. Options

  • --bail – Pauses the runner if a test case gets failed.

  • --silent – Terminal output is disabled.

  • --color off – Color output is disabled.

  • -k, --insecure – Strict SSL is disabled.

  • -x, --suppress-exit-code – Test execution to continue even on failure,however display exit code as 0.

  • --ignore-redirects – By default monitoring of 3XX response is disabled.

  • --verbose – Display details on the execution of the Collection and individual requests.