Neo4j - Environment Setup


In this chapter, we will discuss how to install Neo4j in your system using exe file.

Neo4j Database Server Setup with Windows exe File

Follow the steps given below to download Neo4j into your system.

Step 1 − Visit the Neo4j official site using On clicking, this link will take you to the homepage of neo4j website.

Home Page

Step 2 − As highlighted in the above screenshot, this page has a Download button on the top right hand side. Click it.

Step 3 − This will redirect you to the downloads page, where you can download the community edition and the enterprise edition of Neo4j. Download the community edition of the software by clicking the respective button.

Download Page

Step 4 − This will take you to the page where you can download community version of Neo4j software compatible with different operating systems. Download the file respective to the desired operating system.

Respective Operating System

This will download a file named neo4j-community_windows-x64_3_1_1.exe to your system as shown in the following screenshot.

Community Windows

Step 5 − Double-click the exe file to install Neo4j Server.

Exe File

Step 6 − Accept the license agreement and proceed with the installation. After completion of the process, you can observe that Neo4j is installed in your system.

Starting the Server

Step 1 − Click the Windows startmenu and start the Neo4j server by clicking the start menu shortcut for Neo4j.

Starting Server

Step 2 − On clicking the shortcut, you will get a window for Neo4j Community edition. By default, it selects c:\Users\[username]\Documents\Neo4j\default.graphdb. If you want, you can change your path to a different directory.


Step 3 − Click the "Start" button to start the Neo4j server.

Start Button

Once the server starts, you can observe that the database directory is populated as shown in the following screenshot.

Database Directory

Working with Neo4j

As discussed in the previous chapters, neo4j provides an in-built browse application to work with Neo4j. You can access Neo4j using the URL http://localhost:7474/