near, far and huge pointers in C

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Near Pointer

Near pointer is a pointer which is used to bit address of up to 16 bits in a given section of the computer memory that is 16 bit enabled. It can only access data of a small size of about 64 kb in a given period, which is the main disadvantage of this.

Far Pointer

Far pointer is a 32-bit pointer, can access information which is outside the computer memory in a given segment. To use this pointer, one must allocate his/her sector register to store data address in the segment and also another sector register must be stored within the most recent sector.

Huge Pointer

Huge pointer has the same size of 32-bit to that of a far pointer, and it can also access bits that are located outside the sector. Far pointer which is fixed and hence that part of the sector in which they are located cannot be modified in any way; huge pointers can be.

Published on 02-Apr-2019 08:59:32