NavigableMap floorKey() method in Java

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The floorKey() method is used to get floor key i.e. to return the greatest key less than or equal to the given key, or null if there is no such key.

The following is an example to get floor key from NavigableMap


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import java.util.*;
public class Demo {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      NavigableMap<String, Integer> n = new TreeMap<String, Integer>();
      n.put("A", 498);
      n.put("B", 389);
      n.put("C", 868);
      n.put("D", 988);
      n.put("E", 686);
      n.put("F", 888);
      n.put("G", 999);
      n.put("H", 444);
      n.put("I", 555);
      n.put("J", 666);
      System.out.println("NavigableMap elements...
"+n);       System.out.println("Floor Key = "+n.floorKey("C"));    } }


The output is as follows

NavigableMap elements...
{A=498, B=389, C=868, D=988, E=686, F=888, G=999, H=444, I=555, J=666}
Floor Key = C
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