MySQL Information Sources


There are many sources for the documentation of MySQL, but the primary website is

The developers of MySQL have provided information about the new and upcoming features in the server in the website: MySQL Server Blog

Community Resource

Community resource also play an important role. The forum is There are many forums, and they have been grouped into many categories. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Migration
  • MySQL Usage
  • MySQL Connectors
  • Programming Languages
  • Tools
  • 3rd-Party Applications
  • Storage Engines
  • MySQL Technology
  • SQL Standards
  • Business

Technical Support

Oracle also offers technical support as MySQL enterprise. Organizations that use MySQL DBMS for important, and business-critical production applications get a subscription that includes the following:

  • MySQL Enterprise Server
  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor
  • Monthly Rapid Updates and Quarterly Service Packs
  • MySQL Knowledge Base
  • 24x7 Technical and Consultative Support