Motorola M6800 Microprocessor


The Motorola M6800 is 40pin DIP IC. It is an 8-bit Microprocessor. It was introduced in 1974 by Motorola. It was designed nearly at the same time when the 8080 was introduced. Like 8080, it also had 16-bit address bus to handle 64KB of data, and 8-bit data bus to read and write data. 

The M6800 has very few registers. It has two Accumulators A and B, and the Index Register. This Microprocessor only supports the memory mapped IO because there is no instruction regarding IO operations in its instruction set.

The M6800 has six addressing modes, 72 instructions and at least 197 opcodes in its instruction set. At first, the clock frequency was 1MHz. In the next builds, the clock frequency is increased to 2MHz.

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