Manually Generating GUID in Postman

We can manually generate GUID in Postman with the help of the steps listed below −

Step1 − Input the endpoint − in the address bar.

Step2 − Add the below script under the Pre-request Script tab −

var u= require('uuid')
var ud = u.v4()

In the above script, require is used in JavaScript for loading a module. Then, the version 4 of the GUID is stored in the variable ud. Finally, the generated GUID is printed in the console.

It must be remembered that we cannot use a variable with name guid within a Pre-request Script in Postman. However, the guid can be used within headers, URL and Environment variables directly.

Step3 − Send the request by clicking the Send button.

Step4 − Open the Postman Console by clicking the View-> Show Postman Console.

Step5 − It shall show the value of the u variable.

The GUID value obtained is − 58f937dd-a474-47f2-a526-4f6804054611.