Major Waterfalls of India

The realm of India's most famous waterfalls, where water falls in cascades into breathtaking vistas. These natural beauties, which range from the roaring cascades of Dudhsagar Falls in Goa to the stunning heights of Jog Falls in Karnataka, fascinate with their utter strength and beauty. The Athirappilly Falls in Kerala and the Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya both demonstrate the enormous force of water as it crashes into foggy abysses. The waterfalls of India provide access to a world where nature is supreme.

Features of Major Waterfalls of India

Here are the descriptions of major waterfalls of India −

Dudhsagar Falls

The four-tiered Dudhsagar Falls are situated on the Mandovi River in the Indian state of Goa. The falls are situated between the Western Ghats in the Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. The falls represent the end of the Mandovi River's trip from the Western Ghats to Panjim, where it empties into the Arabian Sea. A diverse ecosystem of deciduous forests surrounds the location. For certain locals, this waterfall is also known as Tambdi Surla.

During the dry season, the falls are not particularly impressive, but during the monsoon season, the falls are fed by rains and generate a powerful force of water. With a height of 310 meters, Dudhsagar Falls is one of India's tallest waterfalls.

Jog Falls

Jog Falls is a waterfall on the Sharavati river in the Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka, India. Its view point is in the Shimoga District. It is India's second-highest waterfall with a vertical drop. It is a segmented waterfall that changes into a plunge waterfall depending on the weather and season. The waterfalls are popular tourist destinations and are ranked 128th in the world for single-drop waterfalls by the waterfall database, 490th for total height of waterfalls, and 36th for free-falling waterfalls.

Dhuandhar Falls

Located on the Narmada River at Bhedaghat in Madhya Pradesh, Dhuandhar Falls is 30 meters high waterfall. Making its way through the world-famous Marble Rocks, narrows down and then plunges into a deep gorge, Dhuandhar fall is one of most fascinating points in Madhya Pradesh. The plunge, which creates a bouncing mass of mist, is so powerful that its roar can be heard from a far distance. Interestingly, because of this reason, its name is given “Dhuandhar Falls” – Dhuan, which means “smoke” and Dhar, which means flow; likewise, its full meaning is - a waterfall where one can feel a smoky atmosphere.

NohKaLikai Falls

The tallest plunge waterfall in India is Nohkalikai Falls. It is 340 meters tall. The waterfall is situated close to Cherapunji, presently known as Sohra, one of the wettest places on Earth, in the Indian state of Meghalaya. Nohkalikai Falls are fueled by rainwater gathered at the top of a very small plateau, and their output declines from December to February during the dry season. A plunge pool with unusually green water can be found below the falls.

Athirappilly Falls

Athirapilly Falls is located on the Chalakudy River, which rises in the upper parts of the Western Ghats at the entry to the Sholayar mountains, in Athirapilly Panchayat, Chalakudy Taluk, Thrissur District, Kerala, India. With a height of 81.5 feet, it is Kerala's biggest waterfall. The Vazhachal Falls, which are close to verdant forests and are home to numerous endangered and rare species of flora and fauna, are only a short drive from Athirapilly. The greatest waterfall in Kerala, Athirappilly Falls, is known as "The Niagara of South India" and is located there.

Chitrakoot Falls

The Indravati River has a natural waterfall known as the Chitrakote Falls (also written Chitrakote, Chitrakot, and Chitrakoot), which is situated about 38 kilometres (24 miles) west of Jagdalpur in the Bastar district of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The falls are around 29 meters high. It is India's largest waterfall, with a breadth of around 300 meters. The phrase "Niagara Falls of India" is frequently used. On the Indravati River are the Chitrakote Falls. The river rises in the Vindhya Range of hills in the Kalahandi district of Odisha, flows westward, makes a fall near Chitrakote, and eventually empties into the Godavari River at Bhadrakali.

Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls is a waterfall in India that can be found in the Shimoga district of the state of Karnataka, in the Nidagodu village close to Masthikatte. The World Waterfall Database states that the height of Kunchikal Falls, which flow down steep stones, is 455 meters (1493 ft). The Varahi river forms Kunchikal Falls. With a height of 1493 feet, Kunchikal Falls in Karnataka is the tallest waterfall in all of India.

Barehipani Falls

The two-tiered Barehipani Falls are found in the Simlipal National Park in the Mayurbhanj district of the Indian state of Odisha. It is one of India's tallest waterfalls. The waterfall is located on the Budhabalanga River, which flows over the Eastern Ghats' Meghasuni mountain. Baripada has the closest railway station. Nearby are the Joranda Falls. The distance to the town of Jashipur is 120 kilometres. The Barehipani Falls are 399 meters tall overall. There are two drops in the waterfall's two tiers. It is the highest water fall in Odisha and the second-highest in all of India. The tallest drop alone is 259 meters.

Hogenakkal Falls

A waterfall called Hogenakkal Falls is located in South India on the Kaveri River, separating the districts of Chamrajnagar in Karnataka and Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu. It is frequently referred to as the "Niagara Falls of India," is popular with tourists for its bathing facilities, boat rentals, and other amenities. The carbonatite rocks at this location are regarded as among the oldest in the world and the oldest in South Asia.

Shivanasamudra Falls

The Shivanasamudra Falls are a collection of waterfalls along the Kaveri River in Karnataka, India, between the districts of Malavalli, Mandya, and Kollegala, Chamarajanagara. The contour between the districts of Chamarajanagara and Mandya is formed by the falls. The Shivanasamudra Falls are made up of the 69-meter-tall Bharachukki Falls in Kollegala and the 90-meter-tall Gaganachukki Falls in Malavalli. The Kaveri River contains several waterfalls after navigating its way through the Deccan Plateau's cliffs and ravines, including the Shivanasamudra Falls.

Barkana falls

The Barkana Falls, created by the Seetha River, are one of the top ten highest waterfalls in India and are situated close to Agumbe in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. Only during the rainy season does this water fall location become full of water. A secret gem in the Western Ghats is Barkana Falls. The Seetha River, which descends from a height of 260 meters, creates The Falls. The Falls are a wonderful experience because of their cascading effect, milky tint, and evergreen woods of the Western Ghats. The Western Ghats' Barkana valley may be seen in all its captivating beauty from Barkana viewpoint. While going to Barkana Falls, one can see a lot of unique flora and some animals, including frogs, snakes, and insects.

List of Major Waterfalls of India

Here is a table of major waterfalls in India, along with their locations and heights −



Height (m)

Jog Falls



Dudhsagar Falls

Goa and Karnataka


Athirappilly Falls



Dhuandhar Falls

Madhya Pradesh


Bhimlat Falls



Courtallam Falls

Tamil Nadu


Nohkalikai Falls



Shivasamudram Falls



Elephant Falls



Kunchikal Falls




The gorgeous waterfalls Dudhsagar Falls, Jog Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, and Athirappilly Falls are just a few of the many that India is blessed with. These waterfalls draw tourists and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world because they exhibit the splendour and majesty of nature. Each waterfall has its own distinct beauty, from the biggest wonders like Kunchikal Falls to the multi-tiered beauties like Jog Falls. In addition to providing stunning views, these natural beauties also offer recreational opportunities and support the ecological balance of the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the tallest waterfall in India?

Kunchikal Falls in Karnataka is the tallest waterfall in India, with a height of 455 meters.

Where is Dudhsagar Falls located?

Dudhsagar Falls is located on the Mandovi River, between Goa and Karnataka.

Which is the largest waterfall in Kerala?

Athirappilly Falls in Kerala is the largest waterfall in the state, often referred to as "The Niagara of South India."

What is the height of Nohkalikai Falls?

Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya is the tallest plunge waterfall in India, with a height of 340 meters.

Which waterfall is known as the "Niagara Falls of India"?

Hogenakkal Falls in South India is often referred to as the "Niagara Falls of India" due to its scenic beauty and popularity among tourists.

Updated on: 16-Oct-2023


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