Main features of Intel 8051

We have seen some of the features of 8051 microcontrollers. Now in this section, we will discuss different features of it. 

The 8051 Features are like below

  • 8051 has 8-bit Processing Unit to control applications.

  • Using 8051 we can process bits, or in other words, the bit processing capability is present in the 8051microcontroller.

  • 8051 has separate Data memory and separate program memory spaces. The program memory is basically 4KBof on-chip EPROM (address space 0000H to 0FFFH), and 128 bytes of RAM (address space 00H to 7FH)

  • There is total 64KB of program memory address space including the on-chip 4KB space.

  • The RAM Address space (128 bytes) is not considered in the 64KB space.

  • There are four 8-bit ports, so 32bi-directional and individually addressable IO lines.

  • It also has two 16-bit timers or counters T0 and T1.

  • It has full duplex UART (universal asynchronous Receiver Transmitter)

  • The clock oscillator is present inside the chip.

  • It can take interrupt from two external sources and four internal sources.

  • The interrupt priority structure is two-level in 8051 Microcontroller.

  • There are 255 opcodes using 111different instruction types

  • 64 instructions types can be executed in a single machine cycle of one microsecond (When clock frequency is 12MHz).

The 8051 uses Harvard Architecture. So in this architecture, the program memory, and the data memory are separated. This feature provides better security for program and data and also avoids the overlapping of the Data memory and program memory content.