Loop through array and edit string JavaScript

Let’s say, we have to write a function, say translate() that accepts a string as the first argument and any number of words after that.

The string will actually contain n $ signs like this −

This $0 is more $1 just a $2.
Then there will be 3 strings which will replace the corresponding places.

For example −

If the function call is like this −

translate(‘This $0 is more $1 just a $2.’, ‘game’, ‘than’, ‘game’);

The output of the function should be −

This game is more than just a game.

This functionality is more or less like the template injecting in JavaScript.

Therefore, let’s write the code for this function −

We will use the String.prototype.replace() method here. We know that if we use a regex pattern to match all occurrences and use a function as the second parameter, it gets executed for each match. We will do exactly the same here.

The code for doing this will be −


const str = 'This $0 is more $1 just a $2';
const translate = (str, ...texts) => {
   const regex = /\$(\d+)/gi;
   return str.replace(regex, (item, index) => {
      return texts[index];
console.log(translate(str, 'game', 'just', 'game'));


The output in the console will be −

This game is more just just a game