Learn How to Write Acknowledgement Email Replies?

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Modernization has resulted in a profound change in human civilizations. Earlier, people use to write letters to communicate, and the hard copies of those letters were delivered to the desired recipient in person.

However, in the Digital Age, people use varied type of communication methods to get connected to the person with whom they want to communicate.Even if the email is an offshoot of letter writing, many people are yet to master the art of emailing.

The difference between writing emails and letters is similar to that of driving a car with automatic gears, and manual gears. One need not learn how to drive a car using manual gear system before driving a car with automatic gear system.

Letters vs. Emails

For business communication, one should write effective emails which can used both for intra-company and inter-company communication, for marketing purposes, and for coordinating with suppliers, customers, and business partners. Some important differences are:

  • Emails are much shorter and simpler, and faster.
  • Emails require a much-elaborated sign-off, unlike letters.
  • Addresses above the email body isn’t required, unlike letters.

Being Responsive to Email

When people send email, they wish to receive reply or acknowledgement, or else they get unsure whether their email has been received and read by the recipient or not. Thus, by getting a reply they know their email has been read. Individuals should act professionally, and give prompt replies, especially when the email is:

  • addressed to you in the “to” line.
  • your name is mentioned or is directed to you
  • Asks for a comment, pose a question or feedback from you.
  • Requires a response from you in response to another sender.

Reply, Acknowledge, Answer

A key measure of professional success is communication. Email is considered as one of the primary mode of communication, professionals use today. One should make sure that they adopt proper email practices early on. You can respond to email in three ways, they include

  • Reply − Reply can be as simple, something like this, as I received your email and I am on deadline and will look at this next week. Thus by replying the receiver is letting the sender, know that they have received the email.
  • Acknowledge − An acknowledgement of an email means that you received it, read it and the recipient acknowledges the content. Acknowledgement can be simple, like thanks, got it or I am not sure or we will have meeting about this next week or you can write I will circle back after that.
  • Answer − an answer to an email is the most thorough and responsive communication. An answer gives the sender the information they seek or provide them with a place or person to get that information.

Tips to Remember

  • Write brief, actionable subjects
  • In explaining, be thorough but succinct
  • Trim the fat; keep the meat of the email body
  • Reply your business to business emails in time
  • Ensure you copy your email recipients judiciously
  • In attachments, highlight all the important messages
  • Requesting for something? Ask a direct question instead.

Tips for Acknowledgement Emails

Acknowledgement emails play a significant role in business as well as professional communication. One should bear in mind some of the important points while writing acknowledgement emails, such as mentioning the agenda and vital points clear.

One should try to reinforce agreements or revise the terms of agreement, promptly notify clients and partners that you have seen their email, and let your client or partner know urgently if any changes in the agreement are needed.

Acknowledgement Email Samples

A customer has ordered for your product, but you require some more information before shipment or you require to guide the customer on what next to do. Please check the acknowledgment email below:

Dear Ms.xxxx

Thank you for your order of two containers of nitrocellulose thinner. Your goods will be ready in seven (7) working days and will be shipped in exactly eight (8) working from now.

Before that, we would like to know if you want us to include our souvenirs for your customer as well as sample products from other units. You may choose the sample products you would like to receive from the catalogue we sent earlier.

Our recycled nitrocellulose thinner is made to offer best results at very low cost. We are sure your customers will be very happy with this product.

Thanks again for your order. We look forward to receive your firm instruction to include our souvenirs and other sample products.


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Head of operation

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