Kumbhalgarh Fort - Gates

Kumbhalgarh Fort was constructed amidst Aravali hills by Rana Kumbha. The fort consists of gates, temples, palaces and many other structures which the tourists can watch during their visit. The fort originally was constructed by Rana Kumbha but later Rajput rulers added many structures to the fort.

Tourists can enter the fort through Arait Pol, Hanuman Pol, and Ram Pol. Arait Pol is situated in the south while Ram Pol is in north. Hanuman Pol has the image of Hanuman which Rana Kumbha brought from Mandavpur. The fort complex can be accessed through Bhairon Pol, Nimboo Pol, and Paghara Pol. Danibatta is another gate in the fort situated on the east side.

Arait Pol

Arait Pol is the first gate from where tourists can enter the fort. The gate is the southern gate of the fort. If there was an emergency, then mirror signals were used to inform all the gates. The area where the pol is constructed has forests surrounding it which has tigers and wild boars. Ganesh temple is there at the entrance from this gate.

Arait Pol

Hulla Pol

Hulla Pol or Disturbance Pol was named so due to the successful invasion of the fort by the Mughal army in 1567. From this gate, tourists can see the beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Nimbu Pol

Nimbu Pol or Lemon Gate was a place where Panna Dhai took baby Uday Singh to a safe place after the death of his father Prithviraj. She substituted her son instead of the prince and took the prince away as his uncles wanted to kill him.

Other Gates

From Hulla Pol tourists can enter Hanuman Pol. This gate has an image of Hanuman which was brought by Rana Kumbha from Mandore in Marwar. Bhairon Pol is the gate through which tourists can go to the top of the fort. Paghara Pol is the gate where cavalry was assembled. Another gate of the fort is Top Khana Pol or Cannon Gate where there was a secret passage. Another gate through which tourists can enter the fort is Ram Pol.

Ram Pol