Key Points on Automation

Automation is one of the hot domain in the Information and Technology, which has become predominant topic of discussion among the IT professionals. In general, automation can be defined as the process of involving software robots or hardware robots to solve the human problems (requirements). Due to this automation, it is said that ¼th of the job will be lost in the market. But people still prefer automation for (top) 7 reasons, which is discussed in this article.

Cost Savings

Cost is one of the major factor in the software development cycle, which predominantly comes into picture right from the planning phase. Each and every phase of the SDLC will be associated with the cost and the organization will always aim for reducing the cost at each stage. Although Automation helps the organization to reduce the cost (at various steps), by eliminating the unwanted human resource and other resources in the cycle. Since there is strong evidence for the cost reduction, organization are very much interested in automation. And of course there is a positive profit moto behind this process of automation.

Quality of Work

Earlier (In late 2000), there was a competition on who delivers the right product at right time to the market or the client. People were competing with each other in ‘who delivers first’. But nowadays(After 2010) it has become like, who delivers the quality product to the client or market. Customers are now giving more importance to the quality of the service or product. It is strongly believed that, Automation will enhance the quality of the service (product) delivered. It helps the human engineers to enhance the way in which the solution is being delivered, thereby increasing the standard of the service. Many organization strong believes that, human engineer’s standard has increased as automation eliminates certain basic service (work).


Computers (computing machine) are always considered to be accurate or perfect in many ways. It is said that Automation makes the process and service much accurate than the human service. Automation sometimes helps the human engineers to achieve accuracy. Basically accuracy is related to time taken and output. It helps the organization to deliver accurate (exact resource) resource or solution on the accurate (exact time) time. Since machines are much faster the human engineers and it is able act accurate than the human engineers. Most of the scheduled task are automated to achieve 100% accuracy in the completion of the task.

Enhanced SLA

SLA Stands for Service Level Agreement. SLA is an agreement between the service provider (sometimes cloud services) and the client (sometimes market) on the service delivery. SLA will have all the information about the time taken to acknowledge an issue and time taken to complete an issue. Automation helps the organization to enhance the SLA in acknowledging the issue and completing the issue. Sometimes, it helps the engineers to meet the SLA. Since everything has been integrated under a single roof, it is easy for the machine to communicate with other machine. Machine to machine communication is faster than, machine-human communication, hence it helps in improving the SLA.

Employee Empowerment

Although it is said that automation will replace the human engineers, partially it is not true. It will enhance and empower the human engineers performance in the solving the issues. Empowering the human engineers will also increase the productivity of the organization. It helps the human engineers to solve the complex problem, by reducing the complexity of the problem.

Automation basically divides the problem into multiple sub problems and solve it. Human engineers will unite each and every sub problem which directly or indirectly will help in solving the bigger (complex) problem. More than empowering the human engineers, it actually shares the work of a human engineer.

Simplicity and Flexibility

Although the cost of the automation tools are little higher than the other tools, most of the tools are simple and flexible in nature. Most of the tools are developer friendly tools and has artificial intelligence incorporated. It helps the developers to develop the automation much faster, which directly increase the productivity of the engineer. Since most of the tools have cloud as the base, it enables the developers to automate remote machines and servers. Another big advantage with automation tool is, it can integrated with any other tool. Especially, it can integrated with ticketing tools (applications) and monitoring tools. Either it can integrated directly or indirectly (with the help of Application program Interface). These features helps the organization to introduce the automation tool in their environment without much change in the nature of the infrastructure.

Insights and Analytics

The term analytics cannot be defined without the touch and aspiration of automation. Analytics and automation are the two important and co-related terms in the information technology sector, which is the hot topic of discussion. Basically automation helps the process of analytics much easier and perfect, which directly or indirectly helps the customer to increase the business.

It helps in the speed of prediction using the available data, which creates huge impact in the business. Since automation is accurate and efficient, it helps the human engineers to know more understanding on the model. It further opens a wide area of research, namely deep learning and machine learning.

Helping Engineers!

Although automation is being done to reduce the cost of infrastructure and capital investment, we need to understand the fact that 100% automation and replacement of human engineers with automation is not possible. Automation can only help human engineers in solving the problem. If the automation is replacing the job, then the nature of job will not be a challenging one. Automation helps the human engineers in solving simple problem and thereby helping the engineers to concentrate more on the complex problem which does not have any scope of automation. If automation is trying to replace the job, then we need to enhance ourselves and move to the next phase which is challenging and cannot be automated. Automation cannot ignored, as the demand is getting increased day by day.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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