Kanban - Tools 1

Several project management tools that follow Kanban approach are available. In this chapter, you can have an overview of the following Kanban Tools −

  • Kanban Tool
  • Kanbanery
  • LeanKit
  • JIRA Software
  • Earliz
  • Targetprocess

You can get more information on these tools at the respective sites. A comparison of these tools and some more can be found at https://www.getapp.com/project-management-planning-software/.

Kanban Tool

Kanban tool is a visual project management tool. Use Kanban cards, colors, swim-lanes, tags and due dates to compose work on Kanban board. Analyze and constantly improve your process to increase business efficiency.

Following are the important features of the Kanban tool −

  • Online Kanban Boards
  • Insightful analytics
  • Visual Project Management
  • Online Documents
  • Drag & Drop Tasks
  • To-Do Lists

For more information, visit the site http://kanbantool.com/


Kanbanery is a visual project management tool that helps you work more effectively, alone and together, by visualizing work.

Features of Kanbanery include −

  • GitHub integration
  • Create or copy task boards easily with templates
  • iPhone and iPad apps
  • API and several third party apps
  • Advanced reporting
  • Content-rich tasks
  • Work with existing systems
  • Real-time updates

For more information, visit the site, https://kanbanery.com/


LeanKit supports Kanban-based visual management. It can be used in distributed environment with access to the CEO of a company, to all employees, customers, and partners.

Features of LeanKit include −

  • Visualize workflow using virtual Kanban boards.

  • Plan and track work using the workflow and calendar views.

  • Effective virtual and visual team collaboration.

  • Stay connected on-the-go with a browser or mobile device.

  • Align strategic initiatives with team-level execution using visual tiered board approach.

  • Measure effectiveness using powerful reporting and analytics.

  • Real-time updates and automated reports and notifications.

  • Cloud-hosted and supports calendar and workflow views.

  • Improve flow of work with Kanban capabilities such as policies, class of service, and WIP limits.

  • Role-based security controls.

  • Integrate with other systems such as Microsoft Project server, TFS, and VS online, GitHub, JIRA, Buildmaster, Oracle Primavera, and so on. Zapier offers hundreds of pre-built integrations between LeanKit and web apps, such as Google, Salesforce and Zendesk.

For more information, visit the site http://leankit.com/

JIRA Software

JIRA Software is an Agile project management tool designed for teams of every shape and size.

Features of JIRA software include −

  • Plan − Flexible planning using Scrum or Kanban or a mixed methodology.

  • Accurate Estimations − Estimations that help the team become more accurate and efficient. JIRA supports user story points, hours, t-shirt sizes, or any other estimation technique.

  • Value-driven prioritization − JIRA allows prioritization of user stories, issues, and bugs in the product backlog with a simple drag and drop. This facilitates ensuring that the user stories of high customer value to be on the top.

  • Track − Team's work in full context is maintained with complete visibility irrespective of the geographic locations.

  • Release − Ship with confidence and sanity knowing that the information available is always updated.

  • Report − Improve team performance with actions based on real-time, visual data that gives the team critical insight into their agile process.

  • Workflow − Choose a workflow that matches the way the team works or that is an out-of-the-box workflow.

  • Add-ons − Enhance JIRA with add-ons such as portfolio for JIRA, Tempo Timesheets, Zephyr, and over 800 other add-ons that can help to get the most out of JIRA software.

  • Integrate workflow with other tools − Upgrade your workflow with Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, HipChat, and hundreds of other developer tools.

For more information, visit the site https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira


Earliz is an online project management and monitoring software that supports smart project management and collaboration.

Features of Earliz include −

  • Gantt / Agile − For each new project, choose between a Gantt (steps) or Agile (sprints) interface. You can change this project method any time during your project.

  • Task Management − Structure your project by listing the different steps (or stories) of your project by dividing them into tasks.

  • Board − Manage your project daily using the board. Based on the Kanban method, the board shows the status of all the tasks and their assignment to the project participants.

  • Synchronization − The content of your project is automatically synced between all connected members.

  • Notifications − Notifications alert you of project updates.

  • Project Progression − Monitor daily the progress of your projects, the velocity of the team, and know at any time whether commitments are fulfilled.

  • Team Workload − Visualize workloads of team members for each project and time period.

  • Time Spent − Track and analyze participant timesheets for each project.

  • Custom Indicators − Create indicators tailored to your needs and share them easily with stakeholders.

  • Access Right Management − For each report, you can easily specify which members of your workspace are allowed to access it.

  • Newsfeed − Follow all the news of your workspace, contacts, and projects.

  • Dashboard − Get an immediate summary of what you planned for the day: meetings, tasks, and project deadlines.

  • Chats and Discussion Forums − Debate topics linked to your projects or workspace in discussion forums and chats.

  • Document sharing − Store your documents in the Earliz workspace and make them available to team members.

  • Planning − Create teams, assign them to projects and manage the planning of each participant.


Targetprocess is a software tool to visualize and manage Agile projects with full and natural support for Scrum, Kanban or a customized Agile method. With enhanced visualization functionality, Targetprocess gives the visibility you need across the teams, projects, and the entire organization.

Features of Targetprocess include −

  • iOS and Android apps
  • High-level planning and tracking across the entire portfolio
  • Burndown, CFD, custom graphical reports
  • Release planning and Sprint planning
  • REST
  • Backlog story map view
  • Kanban, Scrum, SAFe
  • Graphical reports and dashboards
  • Custom views, cards, reports, dashboards
  • QA, bug tracking, test case management
  • Ideal for Agile testing and quality centered teams
  • Visibility of progress across multiple projects and teams
  • Visualization of project data

For more information, visit the site http://agile-project-management-tool.targetprocess.com/