JavaTuples setAt0() method for Quintet class

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The setAt0() method is used to set the Quintet value in JavaTuples and a copy with a new value at the specified index i.e. index 0 here.

Let us first see what we need to work with JavaTuples. To work with Quintet class in JavaTuples, you need to import the following package −

import org.javatuples.Quintet;

NoteSteps to download and run JavaTuples program If you are using Eclipse IDE to run Quintet Class in JavaTuples, then Right Click Project → Properties → Java Build Path → Add External Jars and upload the downloaded JavaTuples jar file.

The following is an example −


import org.javatuples.Quintet;
public class Demo {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
   Quintet < String, String, String, String, String > q1 = Quintet.with("TV", "Laptop", "Desktop", "Tablet", "Smart TV");
      Quintet < String, String, String, String, String > q2 = q1.setAt0("E-Book Reader");
      System.out.println("Result = " + q2);


Result = [E-Book Reader, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smart TV]
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25