The class is a buffered character-input stream that keeps track of line numbers.A line is considered to be terminated by any one of a line feed ('\n'), a carriage return ('\r'), or a carriage return followed immediately by a linefeed.

Class declaration

Following is the declaration for class −

public class LineNumberReader
   extends BufferedReader


Following are the fields for class −

  • protected Object lock − This is the object used to synchronize operations on this stream.

Class constructors

Sr.No. Constructor & Description

LineNumberReader(Reader in)

This creates a new line-numbering reader, using the default input-buffer size.


LineNumberReader(Reader in, int sz)

This creates a new line-numbering reader, reading characters into a buffer of the given size.

Class methods

Sr.No. Method & Description
1 int getLineNumber()

This method gets the current line number.

2 void mark(int readAheadLimit)

This method mark the present position in the stream.

3 int read()

This method read a single character.

4 int read(char[] cbuf, int off, int len)

This method read characters into a portion of an array.

5 String readLine()

This method read a line of text.

6 void reset()

This method reset the stream to the most recent mark.

7 void setLineNumber(int lineNumber)

This method set the current line number.

8 long skip(long n)

This method skip characters.

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