Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Stack Area

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Following are some key points to undertstand JVM Stack Area −

  • During the creation of a thread, the Java Virtual Machine creates a separate stack.

  • The JVM performs only two operations upon this stack. The operations are push (i.e insert) and pop (i.e delete).

  • When a thread is currently in execution, the stack associated with it is known as runtime stack.

  • Every method call done by the thread, intermediate calculations, assignment of local variables, calling parameters etc, are stored as an operation in the runtime stack.

  • Once the thread stops or completes executing, the respective part from the stack is deleted.

  • Once all the calls by the thread are complete, the stack becomes empty, and is deleted.

  • Just before terminating the thread, JVM destructs the stack associated with the thread.

  • The stack that stores data associated with a thread is exclusively available only to that specific thread, and unaccessible to other threads.

  • This indicates that the data in the stack is thread-safe.

  • Every data in the stack associated with the thread is known as activation record or stack frame.

Note − It is not compulsory for JVM stack to have contiguous memory locations.

The structure of the activation record/stack frame

It consists of three constituents −

  • Local variable array,

  • Operand stack, and

  • Frame data

  • The JVM creates a stack frame of the required size by examining the class data.

  • The Operand Stack functions like a workspace to the JVM- it is used to store intermediate computational results. It is structured like a variable array locally, but can be accessed by performing push and pop operations on the stack.

  • Frame data − It contains constant data values and method returned data. In addition to this, it contains a reference to the Exception table that has all the information about catch block when exceptions need to be caught and relevant messages need to be shown on the console.

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