Jackson Annotations - @JsonFilter


@JsonFilter is used to apply filter during serialization/de-serialization like which properties are to be used or not.

Example - @JsonFilter

import java.io.IOException;
import java.text.ParseException;

import com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonFilter;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ser.FilterProvider;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ser.impl.SimpleBeanPropertyFilter;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ser.impl.SimpleFilterProvider;

public class JacksonTester {
   public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException, ParseException {
      ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();     
      Student student = new Student(1,13, "Mark");
      FilterProvider filters = new SimpleFilterProvider() .addFilter(
         "nameFilter", SimpleBeanPropertyFilter.filterOutAllExcept("name"));
      String jsonString = mapper.writer(filters)             
class Student {
   public int id;
   public int rollNo;
   public String name;

   Student(int id, int rollNo, String name) {
      this.id = id;
      this.rollNo = rollNo;
      this.name = name;


   "name" : "Mark"